Truck tyre problems aren’t just inconvenient – every minute off the road costs you money. We’re here 24/7, because the world doesn’t stop when everyone else clocks off for the day.

Fixing and fitting heavy vehicle tyres up to 51-inch, our 24 hour truck tyre service gets you moving. Don’t risk your reputation and your contracts, trust an expert team. Our fast, efficient service keeps you on track to meet your deadlines.

Need us to come to you? 24 hour truck tyre service

Premium Tyre Service have got you covered across most parts of Australia, any time of day. Life on the highway can be tough. Our expert technicians bring the tyres to you, any time of day. That’s a load off your shoulders.

Safety first when you need tyre help

Getting back on the road is important, but safety always comes first. If you break down in a tricky spot:

  • Immediately switch on your hazard lights
  • Get your truck into the best position so its visible to other traffic and there’s access to the tyre needing attention
  • Put your emergency warning triangles on the road as recommended under National Road Laws
  • Call Premium Tyre Service on 02 4276 4090.
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