As an independent business, Premium Tyre Service can recommend any brand of car tyres for your driving habits and lifestyle.

Why settle for second best? Most car tyre services have deals with only a few brands, so you can drive away with tyres that aren’t ideal for your car. When it comes to car tyres, we’re dealing with your safety, your family’s safety, not to mention the money you save by having the right tyres that go the distance.

Just some of the car tyres we use at Premium Tyre Service

  • Suitable for all vehicles, Hankook tyres are economical, long-wearing, safe and reliable. Hankook are a luxury tyre at a mid-price range.

  • Suitable for passenger cars, Kenda tyres offer excellent handling and mileage, and are premium quality at a budget price.

  • Suitable for all vehicles, Yokohama tyres offer quality performance, with good handling and mileage on all road conditions. Yokohama are a luxury tyre for mid-range budgets.

  • Suitable for passenger and 4WD vehicles, Maxxis tyres offer great handling and mileage for an affordable price.

  • As one of the world's most iconic tyre brands Michelin provides your with the right tyres for your driving needs, whether you drive a car, van or SUV.

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Premium Tyre Service have workshops in Wollongong and the South Coast.